Advanced ADR Workshop

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Port of Spain

April 4 - 7, 2017
Presented by Peter Dreyer


USD $2425.00


"The program exposed me to deal with complex situations in mediation.  Very controlled, no time was wasted - very practical."
Angela Reneaud-Lewis, Ministry of Housing, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

The 4-day Advanced ADR Workshop builds on the skills you acquired in the ADR Workshop, and is designed for those who want to improve their dispute resolution skills, become mediators professionally or mediate within their company.

At the end of the workshop you will know how to:

  • mediate complex cases
  • deal with power imbalances
  • address harassment issues in mediation
  • handle people who lie in mediations
  • mediate multi-party disputes
  • plan and implement a dispute resolution system

Upon completion of the workshop, you will receive a certificate from the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law.

Below you will find a syllabus that describes the structure of the workshop and poses some of the questions that will be answered during the workshop.  All mediation cases are supervised by experienced coaches who provide personal feedback.  All case studies and role plays are done in a private setting, not in front of a group.



  • refresher lecture
  • 2 mediation case studies
How do you handle inflammatory conduct?
How do you deal with gender issues in mediation?
How do you mediate harassment cases?
How do you deal with emotional people?  
How do you deal with power imbalances?
How do you facilitate communications in a charged atmosphere?
How do you maintain and build relationships?


  • 3 mediation case studies
How do you transition from interests to options?
How do you deal with people who lie?
How can you make sure people stick to a deal? 
What should you do if people have different versions of the facts?
How do you mediate distributive problems (a fixed pie) when parties do not desirte an ongoing relationship?
How do you close the gaps between parties and move them through closure?
How do you help parties craft appropriate settlement agreements?


  • 2 mediation case studies
  • video
How do you co-mediate?
How do you mediate legal disputes?
How do you deal with parties who are not forthcoming?
What should you do when lawyers are present?
How do you manage confidentiality concerns?
How do you facilitate in contexts where settlement is not the goal?


  • Lectures
  • 2 mediation case studies
How do you encourage reluctant people to use ADR?
How do you deal with difficult personalities?  
How can you mediate within the workplace?
How do you deal with lawyers?
How do you modify the mediation model for other contexts?

Participants will be given a copy of the best-selling book, Alternative Dispute Resolution For Organizations, written by Allan Stitt.

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A $150 discount applies if you register for both the ADR and Advanced ADR Workshops at the same time.

A 15% discount will apply if 5 or more people register from the same organization.

Cancellation Policy

A fee of 50% of the Workshop fee will be charged for cancellations made up to two weeks prior to the scheduled date for the workshop. The full fee will be charged for cancellations made less two weeks prior to the workshop date or if participants fail to attend without notice.

A delegate substitution,with required prerequisites, is welcome, up to the workshop commencement data.

An administrative fee will be charged for a change in workshop dates of $250 US for the ADR Workshop, Advanced ADR Workshop and Dealing with Difficult People Workshops, $500 US for the Applied ADR Workshop, and $150 US for the Winning Over Irate Customers Workshop, if the change is made in the 8 weeks before the workshop.