The Stitt Feld Handy Group’s primary coach is Elinor Whitmore. She coaches individuals who wish to attain a higher level of performance, develop specific skills or increase their satisfaction.  She works one-on-one with clients to help clarify their goals, develop realistic plans for achieving those goals and implement their plans. Elinor’s coaching helps her clients to identify strengths, increase competence and develop specific skills.

The coaching process helps clients achieve whatever goals they set. Some examples of the goals include:

  • enhanced ability to manage change
  • improved communication skills
  • better conflict resolution skills
  • a personal strategic plan
  • better relationships in the workplace
  • balanced work and personal life
  • an ability to clarify and pursue goals
  • enhanced delegation skills
  • better time management
  • improved technical skills

For more information, please contact Elinor Whitmore directly at

Here is what our clients are saying:

""I found the experience with a skilled coach to be very beneficial. Through directed discussions, I began to organize thoughts about retirement. The coach helped me label and prioritize the most rewarding aspects of my job. As a result, I know what type of positions I will pursue in the next chapter"
Cheryl Zener, Never Quit Enterprises
"The coaching experience was particularly helpful for me. Working with the Stitt Feld Handy Group coach was a relaxed non threatening experience. The coach actively listened and, in the process, helped me to discover ways to improve the congruency between my thoughts and beliefs and my actions. In my coaching sessions, I realized that by reframing situations and asking different questions, I can pay attention to different, more helpful information. That allows me to make better choices that feel right because they are more productive and consistent with my values"
Marlene Ellis, Consultant, Leadership and Organization Development
"I found the coach's approach open, non-judgmental and very helpful in providing a framework to address the questions I had around making the transition in my career. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone, who is dealing with major career choices or issues."
Susan Silverman, The Resourceful Group
"The sessions were very beneficial and I would highly recommend this type of training to anyone who is managing staff in today's environment."
Don Seedman, Manager Facility Services Division, OPG
"For anyone contemplating change, or wishing they could, coaching was the kick-start that helped me define what I wanted to change and take determined steps towards implementation. Most telling was the courage I had to jump at an opportunity that involved considerable risk, but took me a quantum leap closer to where I wanted to be."
Karen McKenzie, Deputy Ombudsman, Canadian Banking Ombudsman