Participant Stories - Negotiation

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"My team of negotiators and I have implemented the training, into our culture of negotiation at our company. The result over the last 5 years is 100% successful negotiation results worth in the tens of millions of dollars. Personally, my very thought processes have changed by using the principles, and it is completely ingrained into the way I think and act."
Glenn McGee, DY4 Systems Inc, Kanata, Canada
"With this new knowledge I find my negotiation (regarding contract negotiations in a construction industry) sessions are more structured and have achieved positive results."
Fiaz Kara, Steel Case Construction, Scarborough, Canada
"I keep the seven elements of principled negotiation on a sticky note in my day timer as a daily reminder. The most helpful of the seven steps has been to be sure to identify your interests and the interests of the other party. This has set the stage for smoother dialogue and demonstrates from the onset that you are not an unreasonable negotiator who has no concern for their wellbeing."
Jeanne Thomas, Durham HKPR District Health Council, Peterborough, ON, Canada
“I am better able to deflect the personal attacks that are often a part of my negotiations, and return to the issues at hand, while simultaneously ensuring that other participants feel heard. I think the key is the structured preparation that I do now which enables me to feel much more comfortable when I have to sit at the table with hardball negotiators. Being more comfortable allows me to be more creative and better able to communicate."
Wendy Snelgrove, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Gatineau, QC, Canada
“I think my organization will benefit as I am able to successfully negotiate for things that benefit the company, while retaining good relationships with customers, suppliers and staff."
Stephen Dickey, NPIF Kingston Cogen Inc., Bath, Canada
“I think that my level of confidence in negotiating (at any level) is the most beneficial. From high level negotiations in the boardroom to simple conversations were I want to get my point across, I am able to draw on the lessons learned."
Jean Jones, Ministry of the Attorney General, Brampton, Canada
“I have used this method in recognizing the needs of my customers and have relaxed them when I'm being perceived as a slippery sales rookie."
Matthew Robbins, Exco Extrusion Dies, Markham, Canada
“We are more informed now and better able to help our clients develop customized and creative legal solutions that are often more cost effective in the long run."
Patricia Elia, Richard Elia Solicitor and Barrister, Toronto, Canada
"I have had to use the skills I have learned when I have negotiated the retrieval of money owing or the amount of a refund for a claim. I work for an insurance company in Billing and Collections. The skills are very helpful for my position."
Cheryl Dawson, Cumis, Burlington, Canada
"The training helped me prepare for labor contract negotiations."
Sallie Stuvek, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska, USA