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“I had attended other workshops on Negotiation skills but found this one to provide more learning opportunities and chances to participate in a supportive environment.”
Jim Hahnen, NS Department of Justice, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
“Well planned and executed. I have never been to a course where presenters were such effective presenters.”
Byron Sonberg, Goodmans LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I laughed, I cried, it was a delightful experience!”
Jennifer A. Stoneburg, law administrator, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
“It was loaded - ie a course that demanded preparation and rewarded it - I like that. I thought I knew a lot about negotiating. I learned more than I though t I would have.”
Richard Reid, Argosy Partners Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I feel more confident about negotiating, because I now have a framework, especially to help me prepare and also had a good amount of practice in applying the framework. A good balance of engaging lectures, practice by way of role-play, feedback and reflection. Having now had two courses in which Elinor was the main instructor, I am a fan of her intelligent and engaging approach. She is able to interpret class comments so as to relate them to the framework. Both instructors were well prepared and informative and help me.”
John B. Edmond, lawyer, Indian Claims Commission, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“I liked that the instructor was able to engage the audience and use real life examples to explain the principles of negotiation.”
Brenda A. Johnston, D'arcy Deacon LLP, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
“Very well organized, useful and practical content (lectures, role plays and de-briefs. Hands on learning was very effective. Instructors were excellent in presenting material and responding to questions.”
Courtney Anne Mulqueen, The Maritime Life Assurance Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This was a very well workshop. The structure is very well thought out and planned. Each session built upon the previous ones. I would highly recommend this workshop!”
Sue Hartwig, Advisor, McLeod Wood Associates Inc., Fergus, Ontario, Canada/div>