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"The skills taught in this course can be applied to both personal and work situations. The instructors were knowledgeable and intelligent. The lectures were great!"
Jaak Purres, Ministry of Government Services Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The role playing sessions were helpful in modeling the behaviours we were discussing."
Ray Merkley, Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Orillia, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
“Presentation, preparation and real life scenarios created a great learning environment. Role-plays allowed me to practice the skills being learned. Lectures were informative and interesting.”
Daniel Bordonali, City of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors’ persona of excellence is contagious and helped me overcome the fear of negotiation. This workshop presented practical ways of overcoming common hurdles in negotiation. Introducing the concept of avoiding positional negotiation is a giant step forward. The instructors were professional and all spoke with confidence, without intimidating. They have a great skill in interjecting with timely information and paraphrasing eloquently. The principles were kept simple. I liked the role playing as it was easy to enter into character and live out the rollercoaster of emotions, learning to cope. The format forces and encourages all to participate.”
Bill Hooker, Canada Revenue Agency, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent balance between lectures and role playing. There were a great variety of role plays and I liked how each emphasized different skills. I can see how I can use what I learned immediately. Excellent facilities for workshop.”
Trevor Sanders, Public Safety Emergency Preparedness Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“There was a great atmosphere that was comfortable and pleasant. Facilitators were easy to follow, friendly, approachable and had an excellent ability to deliver the information. The instructors had great abilities in all areas. They were humorous, while at the same time delivering clear instruction.”
Jean Jones, Ministry of the Attorney General, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“I feel more confident about negotiating because I now have a framework, which I can use to prepare for all negotiations. There was also a good amount of practice in applying the framework during the course. A good balance of engaging lectures, practice by way of role play, feedback and reflection.”
John Edmond, Indian Claims Commission, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent organization and subject matter. I have attended several negotiation related courses -- this is the best!"
Anne Paul, Human Resources, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I have participated in many other negotiation courses, but none prepared me like this one. I only wish I had taken it years ago. The utilization of two instructors is to be commended. They demonstrated a high level of knowledge of the concepts and their ability to deliver such a quality course was great.”
Roy Clarke, Government of Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada