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"This course was an eye-opener into effective negotiations which can be applied to everyday life. Working through the process first, then watching the same negotiation unfold on video helped to put everything into place for me. The rotation of the two instructors was very effective."
Pam Shirto, Manager, Patheon Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"Very impressed with the quality of the presentations and the level of energy and knowledge shown by the instructors. They expressed clear ideas and interacted with the audience throughout the course. This was a very effective method for learning and this course was practical and directly applicable to my workplace."
Darie Urbanky,VP, Information Technology, CI Investments, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This workshop has helped me meet my goal to become a more powerful negotiator. It provided me with the tools and understanding to apply what I learned not only professionally, but also personally. The instructors conducted their lectures in a structured, yet informal level. They included real life situations and examples, which helped me to relate to the teachings of the program and find ways in which I can apply what I learned. Role-playing exercises allowed me to take risks and positions in which I may not have taken and allowed me to see the different reactions that I received. The instructors were easy to follow, very informative and always open to comments and suggestions. This made it easy to follow and incorporated participation amongst the group. It opened the floor to different views, opinions and experiences. This helps to improve the entire experience.”
Peter Penesis, Troi Mailing Services, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop was so good that I have been telling my friends how much I have learned. I appreciated the fast pace of the workshop and the attention to starting and ending on time. All of the instructors were charismatic enough that I wanted to agree with them and learn from them. Further, it was great to have multiple instructors so that we could see a variety of approaches to the same negotiations style. Coaches seemed quite engaged and seemed interested in our future success.”
Keith Fredlund, Purolator Courier Ltd, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“I have taken away more than I ever anticipated and this course has added value to me both personally and professionally! I loved the structure, the different scenarios and exercises provided - time well spent! SFHG identified more negotiations scenarios then I was even aware existed. This was probably the best hands-on training I have ever been to.”
Uruzurum Heer, D&B Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“This course was good value for the money and it will pay certainly itself back after your first successful negotiation. Role plays used in this workshop were by far the best method to learn negotiation that I have encountered. The rotation of the instructors kept the conversations lively. The critiquing and debriefing of the role plays was invaluable.”
Dave Cornelissen, Ideal Industries (Canada) Corp., Ajax, Ontario, Canada
“I felt the division between lecture and group involvement to be perfect. I really enjoyed the role-play exercises and the public speaking skills of every instructor were exceptional -- I was captivated.”
Lawrence Collymore, Prospect Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“Great workshop! I enjoyed that we were given a chance to act out different parts during practice negotiation sessions. I also enjoyed the real-life examples given by the various instructors throughout the workshops. The instructors were all excellent! Unlike other courses I’ve taken in the past, they seemed more genuine and sincere about the topic and its effectiveness (as well as limitations). Coaches were both nice and provided good feedback!”
Ash Mann, Purolator Courier, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent instructors, good examples, good structure, and good role plays. The instructors of this course were excellent, focused and knowledgeable and able to answer all participants’ questions well. I learned new skills that will be helpful in various dealings in my personal and work life.”
John Silverio, Ameresco Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent organization! This course had thought provoking exercises, good structure, and the instructors were excellent presenters with a good command of the audience.”
Iryna Karpylovska, Direct Energy Essential Home Services, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Workshop content was excellent and there was a good balance between role play and lecture. Presenters were engaging – they knew the material and how best to deliver it.”
Paul Cornish, Fernie House, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“Role plays were excellent. I enjoyed the variety of the role plays, as well as the level of participation: it was a fun three days. A thoroughly enjoyable experience which has provided me with skills I can use in my day-to-day business and personal life.”
Gary Kaye, Ernst and Young LLP, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors were all energetic and gave great real-world examples. The interactive nature of the negotiations kept it very interesting. I liked the negotiation role plays, and the debriefs that followed each one. The video and commentary were also good. Great instruction from the coaches, who gave great compliments and feedback. I heard some unique views on our styles of negotiation that will make me improve in the future. Great advice and coaching.”
Trevor Brum, Petro-Canada, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“Very helpful with a good mix of instructors and teaching styles.”
Dave Weaver, Petro-Canada, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“Good mix of learning methods. The role playing helped internalize behaviours and the coaches advice really helped. The instructors had a good combination of knowledge, experience, anecdotes, and presented in a compelling and humorous manner.”
Paul Park, Petro-Canada, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“The quick pace of the course helped to keep my interest. I learned some good lessons. The diverse role plays were enjoyable and educational. Instructors were great. I learned a valuable lessons, particularly about the role of relationship in a negotiation.”
Steve Collings, AES Kingston ULC, Bath, Ontario, Canada
“Well run course. Great instructors and a good learning environment. Coaches were very positive and helpful. Made the concepts of ‘Getting To Yes’ three-dimensional. The role plays were the most effective learning tool and by far the most valuable part of the workshop for me.”
Michael McLenaghan, Leonard Domino & Associates, Toronto, Canada
“The time went very quickly! The instructors were constructive and knowledgeable. The materials - handouts and binders - were excellent. I enjoyed the preparation material; I found the homework interesting and the instructors were easily approachable.”
Louri Besperstov, Tyco Fire and Security, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Well done! Built up my confidence level in ADR. Instructors were all great.”
Mike Low, Flair, Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada
“Well organized course and the hands on approach made learning easy.”
Michael B. Damm, Insurance Search Bureau of Canada, Milton, Ontario, Canada
“Great variety of theory, team work and development. Had opportunity to put theory into role playing which will be beneficial in my negotiations - great three days.”
Azire Pacheco, Apotex Research Inc., Weston, Ontario, Canada
“Good instruction, excellent variety of examples and role plays. I really learned something that will help me every day. Can’t wait to use my new skills in the real world. I liked the group work, so we could learn by doing and practicing. The instructors provided relevant instructions and examples. Excellent feedback from coaches - very helpful.”
Jennifer Sutcliffe, Bell Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it opened my eyes to a different way of looking at negotiation. A very practical course!"
Jason Noble, Mobility Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I started learning from the very beginning of the course. Our instructors were excellent presenters. The instructors were very energetic and they all have a great sense of humor. Their effectiveness was quite a moving experience.”
Phil Cromier, CCR Solutions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Very concise information was presented in a well organized and well paced fashion. I liked the role playing and constant building of skills over the course of the workshop. The instructors were all very approachable and well-spoken and it was obvious there is a high level of practical experience held by each.”
Tim Chang, Aeryx Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop was a great way to practice negotiation skills. Instructors and coaches were very good.”
Troy Hayward, Hettich, Concord, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors had very good presentation skills and knowledge. They were well organized and open to questions from the participants. Progression of the course was logical.”
Todd Wear, Bell Mobility, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent exercises and role plays. Very good class facilitation by both the seminar leaders. It was fast paced and highly interactive.”
Syed Rizvi, Ontario Power Generation, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
“Well structured course. The instructors’ presentation styles were engaging and the coaches experience level created superior credibility. Good mix of learning activities throughout the workshop. My objectives were achieved and now I have the tools to be more effective.”
Steven Hill, Schering Canada Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I liked the role plays and working through the process of negotiation. Availability of different backgrounds helped to keep the course interesting. Instructors were very good facilitators and helped to draw out ideas from the group.”
Jay Soquel, Bayer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
“The workshop has introduced me to a new way of negotiating that I see to be exciting and productive. I enjoyed the interaction with the other participants and the ability of the instructors to interact with the participants. The instructors were excellent, positive and clear - it was a pleasure.”
Brian Liss, Liss Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I think many people feel unprepared and unsure when they enter negotiations. I was looking for principles to guide me and for confidence that I’ve got a plan or process to help me during a negotiation -- this course helps with this. The book and materials were very logical, understandable and motivational. Fully enjoyed both instructors - very experienced and interesting. Both brought a lot of experience and knowledge of the material, which made them both credible instructors. Both made the material alive and enjoyable.”
Stephen Dickey, AES Kingston ULC, Bath, Ontario, Canada
“The material was presented in a well organized fashion. Presenters made sure concepts were well understood before moving on to new topics. Instructors were well spoken and interesting to listen to, they kept my attention throughout.”
Eli Turkienicz, Milton Turk & Sons Limited, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“I am leaving the workshop with a tool to benefit not only my career, but also my personal life. The instructors had a positive attitude and kept everyone motivated. I was very impressed with each presentation. I enjoyed listening and became more confident after each session.”
Diane Rutherford, Troi Mailing Services, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
“Instructor was great, engaging and personable. Learned some good skills and tools for negotiation.”
Robert McDougall, President, Upstream Works Software Ltd, Vaughn, Ontario, Canada
“Well organized, hands on approach made learning easy.”
Michael Damm, ISB Canada, Milton, Ontario, Canada
“I truly got more from this course than I expected. I really enjoyed the role playing and thought this method of teaching was so beneficial. I understood the concepts rather then just memorizing a style to follow.”
Patricia Simiele, McDonalds Restaurants of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This course was an excellent way to experience and learn about negotiation first hand.”
Temsila Malik, ADP Canada, Etobicoke, Canada
“The role playing was fun and a great learning experience. Instructors were entertaining, very professional and knowledgeable about negotiation.”
Adrian Steenson, Darcor Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I feel I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in negotiating. I liked the practical role plays as they provided experience and practice. Instructors were excellent, and created a great learning atmosphere.”
Dan Mullin, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“I liked the role plays as well the technical skills we learned about negotiation. I liked the hands on approach to the workshop. There were lots of question and answer sessions, which was helpful. The instructors were effective in key elements of negotiation and mediation.”
Chimah Ekeanyanwu, CCR Solutions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Nice mix of lecture and role play. Very informative and organized and very clear communication from the instructors.”
Andrey Myhal, CCR Solutions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada