Participant Comments - Banking

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"The format of this course was very effective. Getting everyone to participate in discussions worked well. I really enjoyed the negotiation role plays."
Oscar Rossi, Manager, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Interactive, progressively built theory and information about negotiation allowed for a broader and deeper understanding of what principled negotiation is all about. I liked the case studies and coaching feedbacks. The instructors were awesome - very engaging, informative and enthusiastic.”
Corey Shaw, TD Bank Financial Group, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“Very good blend of instruction and practice. The use of coaches is also very effective. The 7 principles are an excellent framework to work with for negotiation. Instructors were excellent - effective listeners [who] respected the opinions of all participants. They were able to draw out various opinions and suggestions from the group.”
Eleanor Rebello, Scotiabank, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Good balance between theory and practice. I think this course is very practical. The instructors really knew the material and made the sessions interesting and fun.”
Ann C. Weiss, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I liked the case studies, break out sessions and the wide range of experience and career backgrounds of other participants. Instructors were excellent - good communication, great examples illustrating their points.”
Kimberley Clarke, Scotiabank, Toronto, Ontario, Canada