Participant Comments - Human Resources

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"The instructor's ability to break down the information apart - look at it from every angle - and rebuild it on to a process was great. Superior and excellent. This is a sensitive subject and I think that Elinor did a fantastic job. The instructor had such ease with the content."
Kim Johnston,Human Resources, HRDC, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
"I thought I knew a lot until I attended this course! You have broken down the various components of a conversation. The instructor was excellent. She was receptive and encouraged interaction without pressure. The exercises were thought provoking, interesting and very useful."
MaryAnne Pankiw,Human Resources, GO Transit, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I learned some very solid techniques in this course that I will be able to use immediately. I thought both instructors were great in explaining concepts, giving relevant examples and they certainly kept me entertained and engaged."
Miranda McCulloch, Human Resources, Mold-Masters Limited, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
"I consider the tools and techniques we learned here to be very useful. The instructors were very knowledgeable, had a good sense of humour and were down to earth."
Georgia McCormick, Human Resources, Ontario Power Generation, Nanticoke, Onatario, Canada
"I have attended many workshops and courses and this has been the most meaningful. I found the portions dealing with emotions and identity particularly meaningful and thought provoking. It presented me with thoughts and ideas to make me challenge what I am currently doing and enable me to explore some of the ideas suggested in order to have better results."
Patricia Sayles, Human Resources, HRDC, Mississauga, Onatrio, Canada
"I would recommend this course to any HR Professional!"
Susan Broniek, Human Resources, Toral Cast Precision Technologies, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"I found that even with my work background I still learned a lot and came away from this course with a lot of “ah ha” moments.."
Kiran Athwal, Human Resources, Jacques Whitford Ltd, Markham, Onatario, Canada
"The instructors were excellent. Very knowledgeable in the subject area, very lively and upbeat. The instructor listened to the participants and was very engaging."
Franka Mohammed, Human Resources, Petroleum Company of Trinidad & Tobago, Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad & Tobago
"The instructors were excellent. They were well versed with the subject matter and were able to offer sound advice to the participants. The roleplays and exercises were excellent. They drove home the points and thereby met the objectives of the programme. The number of roleplays assisted in reinforcing the learnings."
Dexter John, Human Resources, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
"The nature of the dialogue had a very supportive, coaching feel to it. Best workshop I have attended in a long time. Elinor was absolutely first rate - very knowledgeable about the subject matter, accepting of thoughts, questions of participants and able to respond to issues in a way that fit within the framework but were not “prescriptive”. Very eloquent in addressing subtleties of human interactions and very willing to spontaneously model the message."
Marlene Ellis, Human Resources, HRDC, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
"The instructors were excellent and did justice to the topics at hand."
Lydia Roper, Human Resources, Ministry of Public Utilities, St. Clair, Trinidad & Tobago
"Instructors were excellent - both were very good. Role plays and exercises were excellent! Relevant!"
Joanne Kranyak, Human Resources, Ontario Power Generation,Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
"It caused you to think outside the box, some of the roles were out of character for me personally so it gave me an opportunity to really see things from a different perspective."
Anthea Hinkson, Human Resources, University of the West Indies, St. Michael, Barbados
"Instructor was hilarious, intelligent and great communicator/presenter. Role plays and exercises were great! Loved the opportunities to practise with different individuals."
Alicia Bone, Human Resources, Vicwest, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
"The strategies for dealing with difficult people were excellent. Workshop was well organized - nothing should be changed. Very knowledgeable instructors who were extremely effective."
Ruby James-Myers, Human Resources, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
"Exercises were great as forced you to participate and prepare. Also put you in different roles that you may not normally be in. I learned more about myself in each exercise. Instructors were great! Spoke to us not at us. Enjoyed the format of session."
Tiffany Cerven, Human Resources, Wesway, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
"Very good, clearly explained terms, gave good feedback, very knowledgeable on topic, very interactive. Very real life and gave insights to everyday situations."
Tricia Leela, Human Resources, Eastern Regional Health Authority, Sangre Grande, Trinidad & Tobago
"Allows me to have tools to deal with conversations, which I may have avoided. The people and the fact that inviduals have brought so many different situations, which can be useful for most. Elinor was wonderful and very knowledgeable. She answered all questions and clarified things when needed. As an HR Professional, I will use this course in my day to day business."
Dwayne Bellemore, Human Resources, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
"The instructs were excellent; knowledgeable; funny."
Anne Hrychuk, Human Resources, Magna International Inc., Aurora, Ontario, Canada
"Instructors were excellent, very engaging and shared personal experiences which kept the conversation light and added humour."
Kim Noaik, Human Resources, TD Canada Trust, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The instructor was great at explaining the concepts and getting useful information from the group."
Tina Di Matteo, Human Resources, Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The instructors for this course were fantastic!"
Lyne Pharand, Human Resources, Canaccord Capital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada