Participant Comments - Government

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"The pre-workshop work was a very good prep for the course. It really made me think and emotionally prepare for the workshop."
Anita Steiner, Consultant, Federal Government, North York, Ontario, Canada
“I continue to be impressed with the high quality of the courses offered by the Stitt Feld Handy Group and the usefulness in both my personal and professional life. The workshop offered an excellent opportunity to discuss, explore and practice a number of techniques in dealing with difficult people and issues. The handouts were a great resource. The instructor was outstanding, a knowledgeable and skilled facilitator who was truly engaging and created an environment of shared learning. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.”
Dennis Carroll, Human Resources Skills Development, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
“Superior instruction. This is a sensitive subject and I think that the instructor did a fantastic job. She had such ease with the content. The instructor’s ability to break it apart - look at it from every angle - and rebuild it to fit the process was great.”
Kim Johnston, Human Resource Development Canada, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent examples to make theory ‘real.’ This workshop has been excellent to provide me with a variety of tools that will give me a different approach in difficult conversations.”
Sheila Jackson, Human Resource Development Canada, London, Ontario, Canada
“Best workshop I have attended in a long time. Instructor was absolutely first rate - very knowledgeable about the subject matter, accepting of the thoughts and questions of participants and able to respond to issues in a way that fit within the framework, but that was not ‘prescriptive’. Very eloquent in addressing subtleties of human interactions and very willing to spontaneously model the message to meet the needs of the participants. The nature of the dialogue and instruction sessions had a very supportive, coaching feel to it.”
Marlene Ellis, Human Resources Development Canada, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors were very knowledgeable and engaging. Facilitator was very flexible and was able to deal with personal issues and have group discussions surrounding those individual issues. Very thought provoking - gave me a chance to reflect on my own issues.”
Paul Beaudry, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
“The role-playing exercises were well designed. All participants were involved in every aspect and our comments were well received. Facilitator was knowledgeable and skillful.”
Mike Gottlieb, Markham Fire and Emergency Services, Markham, Ontario, Canada
“I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, welcoming environment, the superior knowledge and skill of the facilitator. I appreciated the shared experiences, interaction and connection with students, as well as the willingness of instructors to discuss things in their off-time. The course allowed for time to reflect how we can benefit from or be detrimental to conversations with difficult people. We were provided a template to help guide us in having effective discussions with emphasis on preparation for difficult conversations.”
Brent L. Watters, Department of National Defence, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
“I enjoyed the mix of training and facilitation. I also enjoyed that the role-plays were quick and specific and not overly complex. Theory was simply presented and was adapted to the needs of the group. Instructor provided a pleasant mix of teaching styles and was a great resource provider. The most valuable aspect of the course was the individual conversations and personal reflections of our individual conflicts.”
Ken Lloyd, Department of National Defence, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
“I have attended many workshops and courses and this has been the most meaningful. I found the portions dealing with the emotions and the identity of individuals particularly meaningful and thought provoking. It presented me with thoughts and ideas to make me challenge what I am currently doing and enabled me to explore some of the ideas suggested in order to have better results.”
Patricia Sayles, Human Resource Development Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada