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"Very enjoyable course. Very entertaining instructors even for this complex subject."
Patricia Reder, Paralegal, Reder Paralegal Services Inc.,Ajax, Ontario, Canada
"I found the quality of the lectures, presentations and readings to be consistently very high. All of the instructors were very strong."
Honourable Bob Rae, Retired Judge, Goodmans LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent. Imaginative. Informative. Instructive."
Jim Neeb, Law Offices of James W.W. Neeb, Q.C., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
"This course should be compulsory in law school. I have been looking for something like this since starting practicing law 13 years ago.”
Jack Rosien, Huckabone, Shaw, O’Brien, Radley-Walters & Reimer, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
“As a first year litigator, this is one of the most useful programmes I have ever attended.”
Lindsay Hill, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I believe your course is literally one of the best I have ever taken. On a final note, I believe that the most amazing thing that occurred as a result of your course, in four days literally, is that I now think “interest-based” negotiation all the time. In other words, the impact of your course was profound and lasting years after the fact (I mean I took it in 1997!!!) and it has stayed with me, and been put to good use repeatedly. And that is the best testimonial I can offer to anyone."
Kevin Cleghorn, Director-Family Law Office, Thunder Bay (Legal Aid Ontario)
"I came in very cynical and left a sincere believer. The system is very efficient and will yield excellent results! It has opened my rather cynical eyes to the benefits of ADR. Even old lawyers can learn new skills and tricks."
Peter Israel, Goodman and Carr, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I have done over 100 arbitrations and 300 mediations. I wanted to take a course to enhance my skills and learn more about theory to become even better at settling cases. I heard that this course was the best one and I agree. It was fun, interactive and well paced. It allowed me to learn new skills in a supportive, constructive and no-risk environment. The instructors were very experienced, knowledgeable and well organized. Thank you very much."
Anne Sone, Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada
"I would urge crown attorneys and defense counsel to take this course. Every instructor was well prepared and effective. This program is a healthy marriage and successful combination of group and faculty interaction. I had fun while learning a great deal about ADR. Effective! Efficient! Excellent! "
Victor Vere, Vere & Gray, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
"Absolutely excellent. Light years ahead of any other program. The facilitators knew their subjects and were able to convey interest, enthusiasm and encouragement to try. Excellent communicators."
Grant Inglis, Little, Parker & Inglis, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
"This is a fabulous course. I recommend it highly. Terrific teaching combined with outstanding opportunities for skills development. A very energizing experience."
Bernie McGarva, Aird & Berlis, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"First class. Exhausting but well worth the effort. Instructors were extremely clear – I even learned to enjoy role-playing! Course materials are clear and precise – a great reference tool for the future."
Beverley A.B. Simpson, Hackett Simpson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This course was fabulous! It was great! This is the best course I’ve ever taken! It was an energy draining experience, but worth every bit of energy spent. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning something new and in having some fun at the same time! It was well put together and well run. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone!"
Christine Riley, Bondy, Riley, Koski, Stewart, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
"Exceeded every expectation. Very practical and timely. Excellent instructors. I recommend it for anyone – regardless of their job or profession."
Randy Novick, Adjusters Canada Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Overall, this is a well paced, challenging and instructive workshop. I found the coaches and instructors to be of high caliber, each adding to the richness of the learning experience."
Louis Bourgon, The Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“An excellent mix of practical exercises and lecture format.”
Sivan Fox, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Information presented in a concise and efficient manner. Very worthwhile – I would recommend this course to others.”
Kelly Harbridge, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The seminar leaders were superb! Each one of them was knowledgeable, organized, and interesting. High energy – it was great!"
Katherine Shadbolt, Perley-Robertson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"The organization and attention to detail are excellent; The content interesting and challenging. The work we did will be of use in my professional, volunteer and personal life."
Linda Hicks, Hicks and Associates, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
"It was fun and extremely informative. I've gained knowledge of tools that will give me confidence in situations at work, home and elsewhere where negotiating is helpful or required."
Suzanne Balzer, Sawatzky & Balzer, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
"Money well spent and time well spent. The instructors were articulate and very personable."
Owen C. Dolan, McCarthy Tetrault, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"Well planned and executed. I have never been to a course where the instructors were such effective presenters."
Byron Sonberg, Goodmans LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I started with zero knowledge or understanding of ADR and finished with a good grasp of the basic principles of the facilitative model. This was not an accident, but the result of careful course development and implementation."
Andrew Roman, Miller Thomson LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent mix of theory and practice, fun and work. Great materials. I learned so much."
Margaret Hepditch, Family Justice Services, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"An excellent learning experience, hands on and very informative."
Wendy Earle, Borden & Elliott, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The workshop provides a theoretical framework for the day-to-day practical activity of negotiating. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone involved in dispute resolution."
Bill Donegan, Partner, Chown, Cairns, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
"The best workshop I have attended. The instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and well prepared."
Gregory Pittman, Mills, Dymond & Hussey, Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"The workshop was thought provoking as well as informative. The pace was demanding but not exhausting. It was stimulating."
Peter Fuglsang, Peter Fuglsang & Associates, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
"The workshop provided a unique combination of fun and education."
Michelle Crighton, McLennan Ross, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"Highly recommended for someone looking for a new learning experience and approach to develop ADR skills."
Lynda Colley, Fraser & Beatty, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"I ended up learning far more practical strategies than I thought possible – strategies that will not just serve me well in mediations but in my day-to-day practice as a civil litigator. It did not take long to realize that it was wonderfully beneficial to work with such a diverse group of people. The experiences and perspectives brought by the group were terrific and offered a practical element to the learning environment."
Beth Beattie, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This course: the instructors, the materials, and the role plays are first class for familiarity and comfort with the process. Many thanks."
Bob Andrews, White, Ottenheimer & Baker, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"Very well prepared; first rate materials. Instructors demonstrated a real depth of knowledge."
Peter Mrowiec, P M Law Offices, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
"A lot of practical learning that certainly will be applied in my workplace and personal life. Extremely well organized, excellent facilitation."
Joanne B. Spriet, Court Services Div. Ministry of the Attorney General, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
“The program was interesting, balanced and well focused. The instructor’s lectures and material were very instructive and the timing was well paced. I really liked the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge of negotiation process and problem solving to challenging scenarios. I also enjoyed seeing and hearing the perspectives of non-lawyers to negotiations and problem solving. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable, articulate and energetic, with the appropriate blend of humor where appropriate.”
Thomas W. McGrenere, Lawson McGrenere LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This course had a great format and content. I really liked the mix of lectures and demonstrations – interesting break in pace. I found the handouts to be very helpful and I really liked the surprises and twists of demonstrations. All of the instructors were well prepared and well spoken ¬ excellent examples were provided.”
Alec Gowland, Gowland, Borris Barristers & Solicitors, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
“The cases were well designed and the coaches were excellent with feedback and answering questions.”
Karen Miller, Ministry of the Attorney General, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The presentation style was engaging and the material was well rounded. The combination of presentations, other media (video) and role playing made for an excellent learning experience.”
Maria Lodge, Department of Justice, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
“There were many opportunities to use and develop skills we were learning during the course. The instructors were very supportive. It was a safe environment to try different approaches, I felt very open to trying new ideas.”
Wieslawa Janina Szlawieniec-Haw, Owen Haw Law Firm, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
“Lots of useful material with the right mix of one-on-one negotiation, group work, coach interaction and lecture. Excellent.”
Marie-Josée Boucher, Department of Justice, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop provided a good balance between different methods of learning. Every day focused on new skills. Great humor and creativity from the instructors.”
Robert Jutras, Jutras Law Office, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada
“I found the facilitators very professional and informative and the course was very useful and informative.”
Jean Innes, Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Focused instruction with clear training objectives created very practical training. The role plays are designed in a manner that allowed for skill development regardless of which role is taken on.”
Barry Adams, Chown, Cairns LLP, Barristers and Solicitors, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Role plays brought out different aspects of the situation that were not obvious at the onset – very interesting.”
Pheroze Jeejeebhoy, Stanley M. Tick and Associates, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
“These four days have been fantastic, and I have learned a lot! Each presenter knows the material very well. It is clear that they work as a team. Information is presented in a concise way and there was a lot of learning!”
Jean Olibris, Jean D. Olibris Law Office, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
“Experience and expertise of instructor was excellent. Methods of teaching were varied, which kept my interest (i.e. videos, role plays, lecture, reading). The level of material provided was good and the staff were excellent.”
Simon Bonnell, Bonnell Law, Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“This course opened up the world of negotiation. Learning and appreciating the thought processes behind the theory is fascinating. Lecturers were well organized, structured appropriately, had good sequential progress and were well presented.”
Paul Trudell, Seabrook, Miller and Trudell, London, Ontario, Canada
“Format was great: presentations, lecture and interactive portions were excellent. Extremely impressed with speaking skills of instructors – both effectively communicated the information we needed and were also very respectful of the audience. The pace of the program was perfect.”
Allyson O’Shea, Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I loved the participation; we were kept interested throughout the entire workshop – it was great! The workshop stressed concrete learning, while still allowing for experimenting with different styles and individual personalities. The staff were organized and well-prepared.”
Sharon Ramsden, Thomson Rogers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The course was well organized, had excellent flow and excellent trainers, which kept all participants fully engaged – time just flew by. Material was well presented and organized. The exercises, lectures and discussions all complimented each other.”
Jean Weerasinghe, Privy Council Office, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent mixture of discussion and instruction. The instructors and coaches were all extremely effective, focused, organized, and clear.”
Garth Allan, Viner, Kennedy, Frederick, Allan & Tobias, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
“While four days is a lot of time away from the office, it allows participants to dedicate themselves to the workshop and get comfortable. I was not certain what to expect coming in and I was very impressed. The course was a lot of fun and I will enjoy reflecting back on all I have taken in over the past four days. The instructors were all well spoken and well humored, were particularly effective in educating us and letting the group get involved.”
Marc Bhalla, Elia Associates, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Very good value for the cost. I had a very enjoyable four days with an engaging group of students and excellent teaching staff! The content and instructors were excellent and they had the right balance of lecture and interactive presentation.”
Barry S. Arbus, Torkin Manes Cohen Arbus LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I now have a good ‘toolkit’ for both negotiation and mediation. I found the feedback and debriefing sessions valuable in improving my skills.”
Stephen Tatrallyay, Koskie Minsky, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I gained a superior knowledge of negotiation and mediation theories and techniques from this course. The instructors were very knowledgeable.”
Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson Entertainment Law, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Well organized, well run, with very specific teaching objectives in each module. All instructors were very effective and I found that being exposed to different coaches and their individual styles very helpful.”
Barry Adams, Chown Cairns LLP, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
“Extraordinary organization, well done materials, superb instructors. Could not be more pleased with the entire process.”
Michael Parayeski, Agro, Zaffiro et al., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
“This course was definitely terrific, informative, interesting, engaging and fun! Each role play offered a unique twist that introduced new concepts and challenges to acquire skills. All instructors and coaches are very engaging and shared relevant and interesting information, which was very helpful through the whole learning process.”
Sandra Vernon-Noble, The Law Society Of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Very effective presentations, well organized and well run workshop! All instructors were excellent at drawing out answers, listening, restating, and explaining. Anecdotes were effective and fun.”
Randy Carter, Miller Thomson LLP, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
“In spite of glowing reviews from friends and colleagues, I was still skeptical about the value of an ADR Workshop. To my pleasant surprise, I very much enjoyed this course. The role playing was a good experience, the instructors were excellent, and best of all, I had fun while learning new skills that I can apply to my work!”
Lai-King Hum, Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, Canada
“I learned many new negotiation and mediation skills and even enhanced my existing ones. I feel the course has enabled me to have a more positive impact on any negotiation that I conduct in terms of preparation and the process itself.”
Susan Easterbrook, Raphael Partners LLP, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
“I appreciated the opportunity to use skills in a setting that provides for feedback from coaches and from participants. Being a mediator as well as a participant gave me the chance to feel the process from both sides.”
Wieslawa Janina Szlawieniec-Haw, Owen Haw Law Firm, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
“The principles were clearly described, explained and illustrated. The method of instruction fully engaged me in a manner which allowed me to understand the theory behind the practical applications.”
Dennis Daoust, Daoust Vukovich LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I enjoyed the positive atmosphere, the opportunity to practice new skills and to work with coaches and not feel threatened. All instructors were very attentive and helpful.”
Isabel Prudencio, Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada