Participant Comments - Law Enforcement

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"Very practical course and I learned so much. I thought it was very effective having knowledgeable instructors who clearly described each learning objective as we went through the course."
Alan Truong, University of Toronto Campus Police, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I have never been on a course where I have gained so much. The instructors are perfect for their roles and it was obvious that they had an incredible amount of experience."
Frank Goldschmidt, Ontario Provincial Police, North York, Ontario, Canada
“I would recommend this course for everyone. I have more knowledge and confidence when negotiating and mediating.”
Mike Munroe, University of Toronto Police Services, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I can honestly say that this week has been the most beneficial knowledge gain I have ever had. The four days flew for me. It was great!"
Carl Froude, Canadian Coast Guard / NWPA, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“Overall, the course was extremely exhilarating. I enjoyed the scenarios and cases and it gave me greater insight on the role of the mediator and co-mediator during the process. The effectiveness of the instructors was because they were extremely dynamic and professional.”
Albert Hastings, University of Toronto Police, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Very well laid out - professional, well prepared instructors and the content and pace of the course was ideal for learning.”
Catherine Nanton, Ontario Police College, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop [taught] transferable skills that can be utilized in all aspects of life. The instructors were extremely stimulating and receptive.”
Albert Hastings, University of Toronto Police, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“A very interactive educational experience. An excellent process to take and run with.”
Michael R. Payne, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“This course provided good links between the theory and the practical application. The workshop was very focused, moved quickly and was up beat. I enjoyed the fact that all the material was new to me. The instructors had excellent presentation skills.”
Brian Wagner, Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
“I liked the intensity of this course and the instructors were all super and knew the material.”
Major Tim Gushue, Department of National Defence, Astra, Ontario, Canada
“The role plays were a great way to learn. I liked hearing the real life examples that the instructors brought into the teaching.”
Hugo Boilard, Department of National Defence, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
“This course was very well structured and organized, with knowledgeable instructors, realistic scenarios and valuable, useful information. I really enjoyed the participant interaction – the group dynamics and variety of backgrounds and experience of participants. All of the instructors were excellent – they were very well prepared, professional, and knowledgeable.”
Andy Taylor, Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
“The information presented was very professional and the interaction through role plays enhanced the learning. Great facilitators and fantastic participants.”
Irv Mossman, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
“The four days were well laid out with each session having a natural flow. The exercises and lectures were well balanced, with ample opportunity for interaction. I was fully engaged for the four days. The instructors were excellent in that all were well prepared, had a deep and solid knowledge base in the subject matter and were entertaining. I particularly enjoyed and benefited from personal stories that illustrated relevant topics, strategies and solutions.”
Robin Herring, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“One of the most creative, fun, practical, useful, informative and intense workshops I have ever taken. The activities linked directly to the outlined learning objectives. I liked the knowledge, presentation style, and approach of the facilitators. Facilitators established a high level of trust and created a safe learning environment. No question was considered trivial.”
Susan Ford, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Great course! I would certainly recommend it to my colleagues. Can’t wait to try some of the techniques."
Kelli Traverse, Department of National Defence, DCHRSC (NCR), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“The course greatly enhanced my knowledge of the mediation process and increased my confidence in my ability to conduct a successful mediation. Complexity of the role plays naturally progressed throughout the course and directly related to the presented lectures.”
Todd Peddle, Canadian Forces Base, Trenton, Ontario, Canada
“Highly skilled, knowledgeable presenters. The instructors were very effective and helpful. All instructors and coaches were very professional and inspired trust and confidence in the students. I enjoyed the opportunities to reinforce theory through realistic and meaningful role plays.”
Major Tim Gushue, Ministry of National Defence, Astra, Ontario, Canada
“The case studies are varied and to the point, with excellent coaching feedback. Coming into the course I wanted to learn mediation techniques; I received good technique advice and was then able to apply these from one role play to the next. I liked the professional presentation, that there was no repetition and the accessible trainers who listened to students’ questions and provided clear and succinct replies. Excellent instructors and organization! All coaches were very professional, constructive and to the point.”
Daniel Gervais, Department of National Defence, Canadian Forces Legal Advisor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“Very hands on, great speakers, realistic role plays, the right amount of theory and lots of practice. I was able to work with almost every attendee and had an opportunity to extend my professional network. Instructors are excellent facilitators: extremely knowledgeable, concise presenters, great storytellers with very good senses of humor. They helped us all to feel at ease and to maximize the benefits of time spent.”
Anne Finn, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“Really good teaching techniques and impressively qualified instructors were outstanding throughout the entire session.”
Hugo Boilard, Canadian Forces Peace Support Training Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Canada