Participant Comments - Labour Relations

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"Only training I have done that I never got bored! Excellent presentation and organization of material with knowledgeable instructors. I will recommend this course to others."
Jon Wolfe, Labour Relations, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I have been in the labour movement for some 25 years ( in both the private and public sectors). I am writing this brief note to advise you that your ADR Workshop exceeded my expectations and is ( in my opinion) on par with the Harvard Program. Your Instructors / curriculum most excellent. Overall an excellent experience!"
Gary Kelly, Head Office Director, CUPE Local 1750, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"Caliber of instructors was first rate and the methodology of role plays and thorough debriefing made [for] a far richer learning experience than simply being presented with theoretical information. I’ve been wanting to learn about ADR for sometime and have watched SFH Group gain a reputation as leaders in ADR training since the mid 90’s."
Allen Orth, Labour Negotiator, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
"My measure to judge the effectiveness of a course is whether my expectations were met – in this course I would answer ‘most definitely.’"
James Miller, Ontario Hydro, Courtright, Ontario, Canada
"The workshop provides a well structured, lively and interesting learning experience. The instructors were all dynamic, knowledgeable, quick-minded and very effective."
Richard Laniel, Richard Laniel & Associates Inc., Orleans, Ontario, Canada
"A very enjoyable, stimulating and informative workshop. Great energy. Wonderful sharing of knowledge and professional experiences."
Frances O’Connor, CGU Workers Compensation, Melbourne, Australia
"The course was educational and enlightening. The facilitators were knowledgeable and able to convey their message well."
Lance Waine, Canada Post Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I would recommend the ADR workshop without hesitation as an excellent learning and development exercise."
Bob Grosse, Civic Service Union 52, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"By far one of the most needed courses in my entire life. Skills can be used in every possible situation in one’s life."
Ms Lynette Budhoo, Employee Relations, Canada Post Corp., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Good defined structure by which to approach the mediation process."
Roman Szkilnyk, General Motors of Canada Ltd., Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
"I feel enlightened and my confidence in doing effective negotiation has been heightened. I appreciated the high degree of professionalism."
Chris Bosch, Christian Labour Association of Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"I took away lots of information to think about and then try to apply to real life."
Doug Porter, Association of Postal Officials of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I enjoyed the interactive method of using workshops, role plays etc."
Mike McTaggart, Labour Relations Consultant, Manotick, Ontario, Canada
"Very educational."
Ron Moreau, Ajax Independent Finishes Workers Union, Ajax, Ontario, Canada
"The course has given me structure and process relating to what I do for my organization on a day-to-day basis."
Mike Oram, IBEW Local 353, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This has been the best course I have ever taken."
Cathy Done, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Great instructors."
Percy Austin, BC Teachers’ Federation, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
"This is a great course for anyone."
Mikael Swayze, CUPE 3902, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Very organized and professional. It quite honestly has been the best training course that my work has sent me to."
Cathy Del Vecchio, HRDC- Labour Program, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Overall, a very invigorating and thought provoking workshop. I was pleasantly surprised from the word ‘go.’ The exercises were excellent learning opportunities and were structured in such a way that they were not intimidating. I am anxious to take the skills that I've learned and apply them to my daily work dealing with unions and workplace conflicts. "
Josee Derickx, Transport Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"The relaxed, yet challenging atmosphere provided an optimal learning environment. The instructors were excellent. They were cooperative, supportive and fostered a relaxed, yet challenging, learning environment."
Kenneth Clements, Department of Employment & Labour Relations, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"A very relevant subject for my work in labour relations. Well presented. The instructors were excellent."
Gerry Bauder, Department of National Defense, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Great introduction to a new, developing field. Excellent presentation. The instructors were very knowledgeable."
Robert Lacroix, Maritime Employers Association, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
“The exercises and role plays assisted my learning in every way. It allowed me to go through the proper steps to resolve disputes effectively.”
Brian Gillis, Canadian Auto Workers, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
“Thank you for giving me confidence in my skills and myself! The instructors were great, had a good sense of humour, and delivered the information well. Their personal experience was interesting and they all had a great connection with the class. I enjoyed the role plays and I liked being able to work with different people from different backgrounds.”
Aubrey Gonsalves, Cupe Local 2316, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I bought into the process and am now sold! By day two of the workshop I was quite convinced that the instructors all knew what they were doing and why. I enjoyed the role playing best because it allowed me to appreciate the use of ADR in the handling of difficult situations.”
Marilyn Forrest, Power Workers’ Union, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“It was an intense four days but a real learning experience! I liked the case studies, coaches, and the debriefs after each exercise. The instructors were well versed and extremely knowledgeable.”
Deborah McDavid, Power Workers’ Union, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada