Participant Comments - Insurance

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"This course was very entertaining and educational. There was a good combination of role play and classroom learning. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly and all of our questions were welcomed."
Stwphen Burnett, State Farm Insurance, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
"I enjoyed all aspects of the workshop. I found it very informative and I learned some very useful tools to conduct a successful mediation in the future."
Maria Jolly, Accident Benefits Adjuster, Johnson Assurance, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
"This was the best course I have ever taken."
Barbara Grinius, Canadian Security Insurance Company, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
"This was the most practical, useful course I have ever participated in."
Tracy Bross, Formosa Mutual Insurance Co., Formosa, Ontario, Canada
“Top notch instructors and coaches freely shared their knowledge and experience. I came in with homogenous type mediation experience; different case studies at this workshop helped me to look at issues ‘underneath’ issues. The role plays were challenging and provocative.”
Rohit Trivedi, Temple Insurance, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The facilitators were excellent communicators. Organized, informed and positive. Very creative, covered a great variety of situations. I would strongly recommend the workshop. The program is tremendous benefit to anyone who interacts with or manages people – and can effectively provide the ability to facilitate efficient and effective results."
Michelle Windley, Compensation Advocacy Services, London, Ontario, Canada
"Very interesting; a real eye opener. I was able to learn so much to add to my existing style. The tools that I can bring back to my job will be very helpful."
Lynn Gleason, Ace I.N.A. Insurance, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The facilitators are very professional, have a good sense of humour, and incredible skill in keeping things on track. The information and experience I have gathered should be useful at home and at work. The course is very professional in every way."
Diana Ratcliffe, Manulife, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I came to this workshop with the confidence that my negotiating skills were good, but this is the best experience – in terms of education about the negotiating process – that I’ve ever been exposed to."
Gary Baird, Unifund Insurance Co., St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"The assortment of interests and backgrounds [of the participants] made every aspect interesting. [The instructors] were organized, considerate, and obviously knowledgeable. I feel [I] got my money’s worth and would refer others to the program."
Richard Zago, Vision Claims Management, Mississauga, Ontario,Canada
"The content was entirely appropriate – there was graduation into the learning of materials, plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Good learning models around listening, reading, experimenting, observing and debrief personal evaluations. Time frames all adhered to – nice to see."
Shirley Stobnicky, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, Markham, Ontario, Canada
"A great learning experience, not only be valuable at work but invaluable in day-to-day living. Excellent instructors who were very interesting and dynamic. They made good use of teaching by example and avoided lecturing. An excellent, professionally executed course of great value in both business and personal dealings."
Donna Robinson, Renaud & Senecal Insurance Adjusters, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"By far the most thorough and comprehensive approach to ADR."
John Finnerty, Insurance Corp. of BC (ICBC), New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
"Individuals from different professional and other backgrounds make for an interesting and diverse exchange of information and ideas. The course material is easy to digest and the instructors moved through the topics well."
Anthony Pagano, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I came in with a bit of ‘doubting Thomas’ attitude but quickly realized it was a worthwhile learning experience. Well-constructed course."
Sharon Cunningham, Unifund Insurance Co., St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"The instruction well presented and the topics of the workshop well chosen. I was impressed with the participants who, through the exercises and debriefs, added to the learning process. The instructors were thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. The advanced course was even more beneficial than the initial course. I have learned a lot and know it gives me confidence to advance my career into the mediation field."
Ron Edmonds, Vision Claims Management Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"I found the seminar to be interesting and informative. I achieved better self-understanding, along with a better insight into negotiation and mediation."
Carolyn Della Camera, C.A.A. Insurance Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"At the end of day three, I was able to persuade my 16 year old to do something I’ve been trying to get him to do for the last four months. Amazing!"
Barbara Lewis, IOF Foresters, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I found the workshop very focused and organized. The variety of [methods] how the information was delivered was excellent. The instructors in this course were very effective."
Pat Kehoe, HB Group Insurance Management, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"Learned a lot about tactic [and] techniques in both negotiation and mediation."
William Fisher, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I found there is lots I don’t know about negotiation. [I am now] able to look at the process in a new way. Found instructors to be clear & organized. Pacing was at a good tempo."
Stuart Mutch, formerly of Insurance Commission (Ontario), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I learned negotiation techniques that I could use in the workplace. The role plays were a lot of fun and a great learning experience.”
Erika Kwong-Chip, CAA Insurance Co., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
“The seminar was very well structured and flowed smoothly. Instructors provided very detailed explanations of the content. Role playing was very interesting and well presented.”
Melvyn Fernandes, McLarens Brouwer International Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent - a very good learning experience. The discussions, mediations and role plays were beneficial. The entire program was very informative.”
Sherry Geroux, London Life, London, Ontario, Canada
“Good materials and I liked that each negotiation scenario had a lesson or a principle behind it. Interjection of humor was very helpful in keeping us interested and a part of the discussion instead of just being talked at.”
Tracey Gameiro, Merit Assessment Centres, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada