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"Well constructed course. I find that learning by doing is the best form of learning for me. The instructors were well versed in the subject matter and utilized the principles of adult learning effectively."
Shanon Pyke, Principal, Greater Essex County District School Board, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
"I found the entire week an excellent learning experience. Instructors are all very knowledgeable and presented material effectively."
Terry Boyd, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Media & Design, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada
"The best! Evaluation of teachers is my job – you would all get the highest rating. Excellent exercises."
Lorrie Ann Wannamaker, Hamilton-Wentworth Board of Education, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
"It’s the most meaningful and practical workshop that I ever attended. It provided me with a new perspective of dealing with conflict. As an administrator, it provided me with a great toolbox of skills."
Christine Cole, principal, Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"Incredibly well organized and presented. Not a moment wasted. Absolutely outstanding. Professional."
Mary Jane McNamara, Toronto District School Board, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
"I have attended many workshops over the years: this ADR workshop is the best organized and facilitated."
Mary Hellin, Havergale College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"A must for any educational administrator! The best professional development activity I have been involved with. Very specific target set of skills of immense value in my day-to-day environment."
Don McCahill, Thornlea Secondary School, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"This is the best series of workshops I have attended. As a professional educator, I applaud what you have accomplished. Presenters were all outstanding - knowledgeable, approachable, enthusiastic. Excellent pace, content, presentation. I would recommend this workshop to others."
Mary Preece, Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The skill sets that I have learned will be valuable in my position, as well as personal life. Felt extremely motivated to use ADR process at work after workshop. Real life examples by instructors inspired confidence."
Stephanie J. Williams, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
"A superlative program, which enhances both professional skills and life skills. Superb!"
Fred Porter, NWO School Board Cooperative Services Program, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
"Content: A+. Amount of organization: A++. So well organized! Wow! The instructors have a good blend of knowledge, experience and humour."
Patrick Mulvihill, Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, Belleville, Ontario, Canada
"Congratulations on an excellent course and thank you. The amount of information gained in this course is exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend this to course to anyone."
Barry MacKillop, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Power packed. Highly informative. Organized. Gave me what I needed."
Susan, E. Croft, Simcoe County District School Board, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
“Outstanding! The instructors, content and process were all great! Great facilitation of discussion by all instructors, which created a great pace with lots of opportunity for practice.”
Lillian Lahe, York Regional District School Board, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent application of adult training theory in practice. A very pleasant and worthwhile learning experience that I would highly recommend."
Dan Pletzer, Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario, Canada
“Built nicely on the previous mediation sessions. I welcomed the role playing and the learning by doing style of teaching. The videos were good and an excellent learning tool.”
Christopher English, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“The presenters’ intelligence, genuine interest and involvement in the process did not go unnoticed. Since I am also a presenter I tend not to be as complementary, but I definitely have made an exception in this case. I can’t say how much I enjoyed the last three days. Thanks so much!”
Lolita Piccinninni, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent instructor/leaders. Outstanding role models."
Floyd Walden, Lindsay Collegiate & Vocational Institute, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
"Extremely well planned and delivered. My expectations were more than met. The program was superbly taught throughout all four days and was a perfect mixture of experience, reflection, and intentional instruction. A true adult education model."
Tom Pinkney, Toronto District School Board, North York, Ontario, Canada
"This has been the best course I have ever taken."
Cath Done, Elementary Teachers Federation Ontario, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
"The best PD I have ever had. Balance of theory and practice is very effective."
Barbara Day Wills, Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, Napanee, Ontario, Canada
"An excellent workshop of great interest to professionals and non-professionals. Elinor Whitmore was particularly good. She is an excellent teacher. This is an excellent course – well presented and practically oriented."
Rod Singh, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
"Kept my interest riveted throughout the full four days. As an educator, this was a model of good teaching practices. Embodied all the teaching principles associated with developing a positive learning environment."
Catherine O’Rourke, Loyalist College/Trent University, Belleville, Ontario, Canada
"Best workshop I’ve ever taken. Instructors were great. Wonderful application of progressive adult education techniques."
Susan Brown, Toronto Training Board, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The pace was excellent and the information was presented in a clear and concise manner. The instructors were extremely approachable. They are highly articulate and effective in presenting the information. I gained a lot of insight into a very interesting area."
Robert Astroff, Dalhousie Law School, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
"The workshop exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at the amount of information given in four days. I liked the smooth organization - e.g. sticking to time frames, handouts, etc."
Mary Elizabeth MacDonald, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
"All the instructors were excellent, well-prepared, excellent speakers, animated and kept the group focused. I have been involved in workshops previously; your program allowed more opportunity for critical reflection based on personal experience, more so than a review of the text. An excellent reality check on what I thought I knew."
Shaun Whittleton, Department of Education Rehabilitation Programs & Services, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
“Anyone who wants to mediate disputes should take this course! This course was very challenging and informative and was a safe setting to practice new skills. I enjoyed the hands on experience. The skills of the instructors and coaches were exceptional. The mediation role plays were creative, challenging and unpredictable – which made it fun.”
Jennifer L. Rose, Upper Grand District School Board, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
“This is the best series of workshops ADR & Advanced ADR) I have ever attended. As a professional educator, I applaud what you have accomplished!” Advanced ADR
Mary Preece, Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors and coaches were interactive, helpful, pleasant, professional and very real.”
Dawson Pratt, Canadore College/Trent University (Virtual Centre), North Bay, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent course. It provided concrete models for negotiation and mediation. Instructors were very accommodating, well organized, and knowledgeable."
Paul Kelly, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The instructors were excellent. Very clear. Open (receptive) to questions, comments. Able to demonstrate in an effective manner. Much more of a relaxing adventure in learning than I had anticipated. Thanks!"
Eleanor Tegler-Gibson, Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“The role play scenarios provided a variety of learning opportunities and the instructors were excellent! They did not hesitate to answer questions, were clear, and easy to understand.”
Bernard Reznicki, Toronto District School Board, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This workshop has provided me with a great skill base for mediating the resolution of discrimination and harassment complaints. Also, it will enhance my ability to manage staff."
Rachel Matthews, Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
"The structure and organization were excellent. This workshop showed me a totally different approach to conflict resolution. An understanding of the principles used was enlightening."
Gerard Rainville, Huron - Superior C.D.S.B., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
"I would recommend this workshop to all of those wishing to expand upon their mediation skills."
John Howden, Fort Garry School Division No. 5, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
"The format, skills based training, was very valuable. This workshop actually provided training, as opposed to the lecture/book format one normally encounters. The personal feedback was valuable as was the intense learning pace. Excellent opportunity to interact with so many different personalities, styles. You delivered what you promised to deliver. It was fun, exciting, challenging -- a superb course!"
Renu Khosla, The Greater Essex County District School Board, Essex, Ontario, Canada
"The workshop is very practical to all aspects of personal life and business."
Darrell Herauf, Carleton University School of Business, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Runs like clockwork; extremely well designed and organized. Presence of coaches in all role plays is very beneficial."
Catherine Sim, Ministry of Education – EQAO, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Overall, a wonderful and insightful experience! I loved seeing myself on the video: it was a real opportunity to objectively review my techniques. The course was well organized and the coaches were amazing – very good at encouraging and supporting us. The instructors were amazing as they brought their real life experiences to the learning process and were very supportive.”
Jean Marc Bouchard, Concordia Student Union, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
“A great foundation course with lots of opportunity to participate. I liked the opportunity to role play and to try new and different things. I also met a lot of very interesting people from other sectors. I gained insight from the real life examples and experience of the instructors and the coaches. The coaches were excellent.”
Natalie MacLean, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The instructor was excellent - truly engaging! This course helped to validate some of the negotiation and mediation techniques I already use.”
Michelle Bonnici, Greater Essex County District School Board, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
“The whole time I spent was interactive and enjoyable. The material was presented in a clear and concise fashion, which made it easy to apply to the roles I played during the exercises. I liked the various presentation styles of each instructor and the chance to interact with all of the participants. The instructors were amazing. They were bright, knowledgeable and presented the material in an effective way that encouraged participants to get involved.”
Jenni Prodanovic, Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Extremely well organized course, presented with heart and great knowledge! The learning environment was safe and positive. I learned techniques and various ways of thinking about negotiation I had not previously encountered. The instructors were very strong. I found every day interesting and exciting!”
Susan Woollam, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Nepean, Ontario, Canada
“Very well laid out! The course was professional, had well prepared instructors, and the experimental exercises were ideal for learning.”
Catherine Nanton, Ontario Police College, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada
“I enjoyed the mediation process that was taught and found that the role plays were very helpful.”
Paul Wubben, St. Clair Catholic District School Board, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
“Facilitators were incredible and they certainly knew their subject matter. They were able to draw information and participation from everyone in the workshop.”
Bernard Reznicki, Toronto District School Board, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The course addresses a variety of learning styles, had solid content, and approachable instructors. A perfect balance of humour, professionalism and know how.”
Giovanna Andrews, Toronto District School Board, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This course was well structured and everything flowed well, without effort.”
Jean Marc Bouchard, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
“Personable, professional instructors and course participants. Exercises and role plays very enjoyable and helpful.”
Neil Walker, PublicEdge Communications Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent balance of participation, sharing and lecturing. The role plays were essential to the learning. Excellent idea to work with coaches. Nice ambiance! Great friendly staff.”
Gabi Kurzydlowski, North Albion Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I was very impressed with the facilitators and coaches – they were very supportive. Excellent materials and great personal experiences shared by the facilitators that helped to put things into perspective.”
Jean Marc Bouchard, Concordia Student Union, Student Advocacy Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
“The course went from “What are we doing here” to “Wow, this is coming together.” The instructors were well prepared and very adept at answering any questions put to them. They kept to the timetable very effectively.”
Helene Pasen, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The program has given me a lot more confidence in negotiation, communications and dealing with complex human relations issues and problems."
Scott Macklem, Ministry of Education and Training, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Wow! What a concept! Learning and having fun. Good for you."
Nancy McKoewn, Algonquin & Lakeshore C.D.S.B., Belleville, Ontario, Canada
"This workshop followed excellent pedagogical practices, which enhanced the learning experience."
Peter Reiter, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Great Instructors!"
Percy Austin, B.C. Teachers’ Federation, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
"Fast paced, thought provoking, eye opening exercises that provide incredible insight into human behaviour."
Linda Coulter, York Catholic District School Board, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
"I enjoyed the styles of all the instructors. You have a high degree of skills! I felt the examples from real life by the instructors were invaluable."
Jacky Marrocco, Downsview Public School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop was very beneficial and will help me in both my personal and professional life. The instructor was very professional and knowledgeable and I enjoyed the real life examples that were provided.”
Kristie Cronin, Greater Essex County District School Board, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
“This course was very professional and my objectives were met. I really liked the quality of resources and the facilitators.”
David Ivany, George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Quality materials, instructors, format, and organization. Instructors were excellent! They were very talented and professional and managed the workshop presentation with skill and experience.”
Daniel McClean, Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This course is extremely well organized and professional and is developed to allow participants to explore different styles and techniques – yet there is always support and knowledge. There was a good balance of lecture and participatory group work. Role plays are done in a non-threatening, safe environment. I loved the surprises that emerged as we learned and the variety of lessons.”
Paullie Fredrickson, Lakehead District School Board, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada