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"Good balance of hands on application and classroom teaching. An excellent learnign experience. Well done."
Terry Thompson, Executive Director, Agricultural Adaptation Council, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
"Very intense workshop. The role play scenarios forced you to actually think about real life situations. The coaching debriefs were very helpful. All of the instructors were very engaging and very knowledgeable."
Sonia Gregoris, Claims Examiner, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Toronto, Onatario, Canada
"The workshop exceeded my expectations. Demonstrations and video made theory into a reality. Excellent instructors. The experience of the instructors is obvious and they really made this workshop a true success."
Farah Kahn, Hydro One Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"More learning packed into four days than I've ever had before. Extremely well organized. These people know their stuff -- this has been a tremendous learning experience for me. Hats-off to the Stitt Feld Handy team!"
Louise Currier, FINTRAC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent facilitators, solid material - stretches the mind to explore new alternatives."
Vic Arbour, BBA Nonwovens Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This is the best thing that has ever happened to my life."
Joseph Kalavi, The African Museum, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
"The combination of theory and role play was very well balanced, resulting in a very effective learning experience."
Deirdre Boisseau, Biosense, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
"Subject matter was exactly on target [and] well organized. Very well informed instructors. Excellent communication skills. Keep up the good work."
David J. McConomy, QC Quadrant Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"A very practical course! I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it opened my eyes to a different way of looking at negotiation.“
Jason Noble, Mobility Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Very effective, very knowledgeable, very rewarding. Everything I expected."
Dan Conforzi, Albis Canada Inc., Pickering, Ontario, Canada
"Most enjoyable. Relaxed supportive atmosphere. Safe learning environment. Tight and relevant design - informative, fun, funny, the linkages were clever, sometimes surprising but always pertinent. Don't change!"
Gail Richardson, The Delfi Group, Westmeath, Ontario, Canada
"All instructors were excellent -- very knowledgeable and personable."
William Graham, Derlan Aerosapce Canada, Milton, Ontario, Canada
"Well planned hands on educational experience -- as close to the real world as possible in a controlled environment."
Bernard Ornstein, Canadian National Railways, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"The best use of my time ever! Your course kept the adrenaline flowing."
Elaine Givertz, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The workshop was professionally run with extremely proficient instructors. An excellent learning experience."
Robert Argent, Wrigley Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent materials, extremely well organized. Highly recommend to my colleagues and friends."
Caroline McGrath, Xerox Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"An excellent course which I will use on a daily basis -- I see this workshop as being immediately applicable and extremely relevant."
Rick Potter, Nav Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This course has already helped me in my ability to focus on issues with others."
Leonard Exton, Equipment Management Ltd., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
"I am leaving with a heightened level of awareness about negotiation and mediation. There was an excellent opportunity in every session to participate and voice viewpoints. The workshop was so well run that I had to stretch my mind to think of any suggestions for improvement at all. Thank you all for doing a great job!"
Doris Steimle, HR, DuPont Canada Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"One of the only courses I have taken where you can actually feel yourself improving as the days progress. The skills learned are very easily applied to the work place and are very practical."
Robin DesLauriers, Bell Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Proactive role-plays; Excellent content; Excellent instructors."
Stephen McDermott, SJM Consulting, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"This was the most useful workshop I have ever attended. I feel that I have really learned something that I will use all the time in my job and personal life."
Kathy Lockwood, Human Resources, Manulife Financial, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Best course I have been a part of."
Patricia Smith-Grayton, Alberta Energy Corporation Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“The role plays were quite realistic. They covered a wide range of situations. The course is relevant to our company.”
Grant Lee, Yum! Restaurants International (Cda), Rexdale, Ontario, Canada
“Good value -- learnt a lot. Lots of hands on experience, good explanations, lots of time to absorb main concepts. Instructors very good and clear.”
Oneil D’Silva, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent faculty. Very knowledgeable presenters, excellent format, well -paced presentations.”
Bruce Caplan, BDO Dunwoody, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The program exceeded my expectations. This program was far more practical and useful than similar workshops I have attended -- I highly recommend this for any manager at any point in their career.”
Paul Jones, Canadian Niagara Power, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
“Techniques and processes learned in this course will be useful in my job. The role plays were very instrumental in fortifying the techniques.”
Bruce Kretzschmar, Nasittuq, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“Good balance of theoretical and practical learning. The facilitators were great. They were entertaining and educational, open to suggestions and experts in the subject matter at hand. Feedback from practicing mediators was very valuable and I liked the opportunity to learn skills and practice them as well. The group size and dynamic was quite good.”
Mary Sullivan, IMAX Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“I gained valuable information that I can take away and utilize in my day-to-day life. The role plays helped put theory into practice -- I found this very useful. The instructors were instrumental in the success of the workshop -- not just what was communicated but how it was communicated was great. I think the use of small anecdotes throughout the course was very powerful.”
Silvana Butrico, FedEx Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“This workshop exceeded my expectations. The interactive role plays were invaluable to me. Very well organized materials and discussions.”
Donna Pascal, Sysco Foods, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I liked the many opportunities for role playing and practice of the mediation skills we were learning. The video was also useful.”
Georgia McCormick, Ontario Power Generation, Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada
“I normally hate role plays, but I learned so much -- they challenged me and helped to solidify the techniques taught in lectures.”
Myra Berrub, Northwest Territories Power Corporation, Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada
“This has to be one of the best courses I have ever attended. It was well laid out, very informative and flowed well from start to finish. Thank you!”
Sandra Bress, Vertex Canada, Markham, Ontario, Canada
“It was excellent to have so much opportunity to practice these new skills. Helped illuminate for me certain day-to-day operational issues I have at work.”
Kathy C. Penney, Jacques Whitford Environmental Consultants, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“I thought the workshop was very well done. I appreciated the opportunity to practice the mediator role in a variety of circumstances and real life situations.”
Jim Crawford, Pathways Consulting, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“Wonderful use of adult learning principles, which helped to keep me engaged while leaving the learning responsibility with me. The approach and the material simplified what otherwise could be a complex topic. The summary notes ensured I got the full content without trying to pay attention to note taking instead of participating.”
Donna Jolliffe, TSX Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Role plays were beneficial, valid and interesting. Facilitators were knowledgeable and engaging. The flow and structure of the course was a good balance between lecture and role plays.”
Nicole Piggott, Fedex Canada Ltd., St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
“The workshop opened doors to a wonderful set of new tools for negotiation and mediation. The lecture presentations were clear and concise and the role plays developed deep insights into the application of the theories put forward.”
Timothy Richardson, Bluestone, Palgrave, Ontario, Canada
“Well organized, good use of examples. Instructor was very effective and interesting and was able to hold our attention for the whole course.”
Justin Townell, TELUS, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“Extremely informative, with great learning experiences – was well worth the time and money. The facilitators were experts and were professional, funny -- each had a different style.”
Corinne Saulnier, EDS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Good pace and well organized. The teaching was in an informal style, with a variety of topics. The instructors were excellent and had very accepting ideas and very good approaches to negotiation and mediation.”
William Northcott, President, Northwood Consulting, Midland, Ontario, Canada
"The best course I have taken on this subject. This is an excellent course."
David A. Vaughan, Canada Post Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“I have been a participant in many workshops and this one was so interesting that the time just flew by. It was very organized, on time, and content was all relevant and interesting. I liked the fact that it was very interactive and not all lecture style.”
Helen Burley, Cornerstone Coaching and Career Development, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
“Exceptional, knowledgeable speakers and excellent scenarios that provided valuable opportunities for experiential learning. The instructors were very effective in conveying their vast experience and knowledge. They were quite enjoyable, entertaining, and interactive.”
Jodi Evers, Ontario Power Generation, Timmins, Ontario, Canada
“Instructors were flawless! Facilitators were excellent and excellent tools for negotiation and mediation were given. I also enjoyed the great stories that were applicable to the education and facilitated the learning. Timing was impeccable! ”
Annette Kingsley, Sears Canada Inc., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
“This was my first experience with mediation and I learned a lot about the underlying principles and techniques. I liked the emphasis on role playing and experiencing different styles. The instructors were very knowledgeable, effective, and experienced.”
Ahsan Sadiq, Mitz Sadiq Associates, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Role playing was an awesome learning technique; just enough theory to galvanize the concepts.”
Mike Deschesne, Union Gas, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
“This course was very well organized and will be very beneficial to me. I enjoyed the practical tips and the fact that at the end of it you feel equipped to use the techniques right away. The instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable, using examples of “real life” experiences that I found beneficial.”
Tracy Puddester, Convergys, St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“I enjoyed the format and the instructors were excellent.”
Jacques Vanasse, International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada
"The most earnest, well balanced & useful workshop in which I've participated."
Marco Zanetti, Canderel Ltd., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
"I am going away a better person. I expect that once I implement the 7 elements into my life, I will be able to increase my successes."
Frank O’Neill, Canadian National Railway, Concord, Ontario, Canada
"An intensive course and challenging. The workshop presented a model for conflict resolution which will help me in my work and relationships. The instructors were thorough and presented the material effectively. I found this course to be a confidence builder."
Rosanne G. Stein, Career Essentials Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent. Provided me with the opportunity to question my approach to problem solving."
Deborah Cioccio, DPL Consulting, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Enjoyable, informative, and very good pace. All three instructors [were] great. No dull moments."
Richard W. Baumgartner, Sales, McGraw-Hill Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"An all round, top-notch course. Always stimulating and a good opportunity to practice what we have learned. I’ve learned tangible skills to take away. The instructors were uniformly effective. "
Pamela Taylor, TV Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors were excellent -- always professional, personable, knowledgeable and able to impart their experience to us throughout the workshop. Great Work!”
Rosie Wilson, Vertex Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“The role plays and interactive sessions are great tools to help with the learning process and to help drive the points home.”
Bill Coulter, Yum! Restaurants International (Cda), Rexdale, Ontario, Canada
“Well done! Well organized with specific exercises for specific lessons that all lead into and built upon each other. Thanks!”
James Brewster, Yum! Restaurants International (Cda), Rexdale, Ontario, Canada
“Many of the concepts presented were common sense but it is the process of organizing these concepts into a negotiation method that makes this training priceless. Great environment and staff. Sessions very engaging and interesting.”
Bardia Bina, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“Learned a lot. Loved learning through theory and live interactive examples, which were very useful. Excellent instructors.”
Moshe Gadish, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“Great confidence builder, lots of great role playing, build up to 7 elements and their use which were then excellently reinforced. All instructors were superb.”
William Hong, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“Good mix of theory, lecture, discussion, and role play. Made subject very interesting. Good pace, very knowledgeable, engaging instructors.”
Bruce Karn, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“Exposed me to new negotiation concepts. The pace was good and scenarios were interesting. Role plays were very useful, and concepts were clearly presented and reinforced with examples and practice. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about negotiation.”
Luis Rodriguez, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“Very professionally prepared; the instructors were all very knowledgeable and well prepared.”
John Aiken, BDO Dunwoody, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Well presented and professional. Interesting to the point that I would very much like to continue on to the next level.”
John Miller, Ontario Power Generation, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
“Everything was excellent: the content, design and organization of this course was top-notch.”
Elizabeth Lincoln, Cendant Car Rental, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
“I learned new ways of dealing with people. The course didn’t require memorization, but made you really understand the process. The teaching methods were excellent.”
Nicholas Louza, CCR Solutions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I liked the group interaction and role playing. The theory was presented in a light manner. The instructors were excellent because they were easy to follow and made the theory of mediation interesting.”
Matthew Fischer, Fisher Feeds Ltd., Listowel, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent! Instructors were great. They were very professional and knowledgeable. This course was enlightening. I liked all of it!”
Chris Forbes, Stellar Personnel, London, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent theory and very fair workload allowed lots of material to be covered in a short time period. Good flow to the four days of the course. Very detailed information and lots of relevant readings. I enjoyed the role plays, especially evaluating issues from all different sides. The instructors were very effective and conveyed the message in very simple terms. I also got to network with many of my classmates.”
Randy Kaminski, Canada Bread Company Ltd., Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
“I loved the techniques of interest-based negotiation. The facilitators were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient. This course will definitely help my job and help me to be more effective when dealing with people and problems.”
Kate Appleton, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“Organized with a great pace -- kept me engaged every second! A great experience and it made me realize this might be an area that I could both enjoy and excel in.”
Jordan Johnston, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“The course clearly outlined the steps for the negotiation and mediation process. Speakers were very knowledgeable and kept the class engaged.”
Karen Duncan-Wood, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“Each role play demonstrated ‘how to’ and ‘how not to,’ which made for a better hands on learning experience.”
Alexandra Earle, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop is well organized and the skills illustrated should prove useful in the future. There was a lot of interaction between the participants. The instructors were very clear and were able to communicate very well. The questions that were raised were all answered in a satisfactory manner.”
Len Bertrand, Ontario Power Generation, Bath, Ontario, Canada
“Intense & Enjoyable.”
Ed Bartlett, Fedex Canada Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“Enjoyed the course and the course content. It was very well presented. Well done!”
Richard Tobin, Hibernia Management and Development Co., St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“This workshop provided good balance of theory and role play and not a moment was wasted during the five days. Instructors were very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour throughout the delivery of material. Provided valuable information from their real life situations.”
Anna Waugh, Novamed Diagnostics, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
“Well organized and a lot of real life situations were discussed. The role plays helped me retain knowledge better.”
Carl Parsons, Noble Drilling Canada Ltd., St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“The course material is very well structured. The mix of people was exceptional and the use of different lecture styles worked effectively. The varied background of coaches created an interesting mix of advice and experience. All of the instructors were articulate, entertaining and interesting.”
Michael Verwegen, Union Gas Ltd., Chatham, Ontario, Canada
“The format of mini-lectures combined with lots of practice sessions maximized learning and kept things moving. Excellent role plays. Excellent and informative trainers and coaches. Great examples and experiences provided by all.”
Lynn Nightingale, Lynn Nightingale Consulting, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
“Surpassed my goals due to the variety of presentation formats that were very interesting.”
Cindy Prince, Prince and Associates, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Not only did I learn negotiation skills, but I had fun at the same time.”
Sandra Zito, Hydro One Networks Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors were A+++! They were excellent and made us feel comfortable -- it was easy to take risks with them as models and coaches. The workshop was organized and the range of participants was an added bonus.”
Judith Knapp, Knapp Consulting, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
“Excellent interaction and skill development with participants from different places and provinces and [from] both private and public sectors.”
John Saul, Saul Incorporated, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
“Engaging and insightful instructors, who were lots of fun. Instructors some of the best I’ve ever seen: non- judgmental and highly organized. Lots of hands on work in this course. The partner rotation for the role plays allowed us to gain insight into different styles of negotiation. This material will be very useful for work in human resources.”
Michael MacDonald, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“Will be a great asset to day-to-day management role in my job.”
Frank Chiarotto, Ontario Power Generation, Courtright, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop was fantastic for those who have a need or interest in developing skills in this area! The role [play]s were interesting and helped to put into practice the concepts covered in the lectures.”
Sandy Roecken, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent course material. I liked having the opportunity to practice, experiment, and test boundaries. I liked having a coach and the immediate feedback they provided -- it was of immense value and benefit to me. The instructors were very effective in that they provoked thought and discussion challenging participants to think things through.”
Pierre Galiungi, Pierre Galiungi Consultants, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
“Sessions were well orchestrated and the facilitators demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge, creating a learning atmosphere that was non-threatening, entertaining and highly motivational. The instructors were strong leaders who are highly skilled in their field.”
Merrill Pierce, MPSquared Coaching Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The role play examples were very good and validated many of my own true life experiences. Instructors were clear and concise.”
Steven Mahoney, Mahoney International Inc, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“Very hands on -- lots of application and opportunity to interact with participants.”
Bill Sedgwick, Sedgwick and Company, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
“Very informative and interactive. All the sessions were covered on time -- the instructors were well versed in the material and respected time frames for the course outline.”
Robert Luyk, Let’s Talk, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
“This course was challenging but very well organized with an excellent facilitator, who was an expert in the field. Instructor was excellent! He was knowledgeable and positive; he treated us with respect and had great teaching techniques. He was low-key (humorous) and gentle when mistakes were made. I liked the fact that we were a small class -- it forced each of us to take part and to be fully engaged. ”
Judith Knapp, Knapp Consulting, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
“Very informative -- I am encouraged to take the advanced course. The materials, instructors and coaches were all excellent. I liked the interaction and role-play opportunities for practicing the skills we were learning.”
Bryan Leggett, Terra Tory Management Ltd., Rousseau, Ontario, Canada
"This is the best course I've been to in years." Liz Morrison, Canada Post Corporation, London, Ontario, Canada
“I learned many new skills and useful information that can be utilized in future dealings with people.”
Stephen Hewitt, Canada Post Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“The content and instruction was very good. The course was well organized and the frequency of practice sessions and coaching feedback was helpful. The instructors were all excellent, focused, engaging and knowledgeable. I liked that they were humble.”
John Duncan, Canada Post Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“Practical workshops with good interaction and a wealth of knowledge provided. Instructors provided great clarity with good use of examples to illustrate the lessons.”
Sophia Marshall, Canada Post Corporation, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors were outstanding -- they kept my interest and made the material easy to digest. I believe that this workshop met all of the goals I hoped to achieve in attending. I think that the combination of lectures and role plays were very well put together. Very well done!”
David Dobson, Canada Post, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“Interactive, dynamic, well-planned, and good time management. The best instructors I have ever had to date.”
Michael Davidson, Ontario Power Generation, Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada
“From an instructional design aspect, it was top notch – there were a variety of formats for different learning styles and participants’ energy was managed well. Content was exactly what I wanted, needed and expected. I appreciated the chance to practice the new skills and I liked watching the video to see an example of a good mediation.”
Linda Cuthbert, Breakthrough Performance Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Very well structured, well presented; Good interaction, good learning experience.”
Charles Suddaby, Charles Suddaby & Associates, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The program was excellent and the approach to teaching is great. I liked the concise information and thought the role plays were effective. Instructors were well spoken and their enthusiasm lifted the program. I enjoyed the mix of learning and laughter.”
Stephen Abrahams, Chrysalis Solutions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I liked the presenters because they were dynamic, interactive and informative. The role plays were an effective way to learn the ropes.”
Jean-Francois Harvey, Indalex Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“This course provided great opportunities to put a variety of learning into practice. I liked the diversity of instructors, materials, and the pace at which the course proceeded. The instructors were extremely competent.”
Anne Dranitsaris, Dranitsaris Consulting Services, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent coaches and instructors. Great use of role playing exercises and useful debriefs. Excellent variation between activities, facilitators and coaches to keep things interesting.”
Jodi Evers, Ontario Power Generation, Timmins, Ontario, Canada
“I was totally blown away -- I loved the whole experience! Extremely well organized and executed. The instructors were top-notch! The information was very well delivered and was easy to understand. They made the experience fun and totally worthwhile. The timing was exceptional in that nothing ran behind schedule and I never felt rushed or overwhelmed.”
Helen Burley, Cornerstone Coaching and Career Development, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
“The course offered lots of time for discussion and practice of the skills for mediation. The instructors were excellent and I liked the variety of coaches.”
Paul Addie, Addvent10 Enterprises, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
“All instructors were excellent. The instructors had clear, precise presentation [skills] and patience responding to participant questions. Use of humour was great! The course helped me improve my thoughts and direction as a negotiator.”
Roger Bickers, Bluestone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop is well organized and the skills illustrated should prove useful in the future. There was a lot of interaction between the participants. The instructors were very clear and were able to communicate very well. The questions that were raised were all answered in a satisfactory manner.”
Len Bertrand, Ontario Power Generation, Bath, Ontario, Canada
“I really liked the role plays. The teaching and coaching were great -- I was always learning something. The instructors were great as well!”
Peter Eastmure, PYE Records, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Well organized, flowed very well. Excellent role plays. The instructors were excellent and very effective. It was very useful to hear real life stories and experiences.”
Janet Cranville, Hydro One Networks Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Overall, a great four days -- very intense with lots of learning. The instructors were great because they addressed our questions and ensured the process flowed smoothly. They were entertaining and kept us interested. I liked that we were working with different people quite often and I also enjoyed the different perspectives of the coaches.”
Carey Barker, Toronto Hydro, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I thoroughly enjoyed this week -- the hard work was well worth the effort. It was a great learning experience and I would highly recommend this workshop.”
Pat Oakes, Hydro One, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Very detailed course full of high energy. I enjoyed the variety in exercises, examples and teaching methods. Excellent instructors who were lots of fun. The instructors are very knowledgeable and their use of anecdotes is great. The practical, step-by-step processes that I learned will be helpful.”
Margaret Mercer, Creative Minds Communication Company, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent facilitators - used real life examples to demonstrate and clarify points. The course was very well organized. I enjoyed meeting new people who had different insights.”
Lee Reich, Altas Cold Storage, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This course provided a good roadmap to negotiation that can be used in any situation in daily life, both personal and professional. I enjoyed the theory very much and the role playing helped to put this theory into practice. I really liked the examples used and the mix between theory and practical application.”
Rui Fernandes, Bluestone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The workshop was extremely informative and well run. The tone and pace were helpful and conducive to real learning. The instructors were all excellent and very helpful at all times. He demonstrated the best of skills in various situations and encouraged us to make mistakes and learn in a safe environment.”
Ann Turner-Kenworthy, Convergys, St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“Presenters all knowledgeable in the field, which was exuded in the workshop. Material was very well presented and reasonably fluid. I enjoyed the role playing, debriefing sessions, the presenters, and the feedback from the coaches was also very helpful. The instructors were approachable and accommodating”
Guy Parent, President, Corporate Investigation Services, London, Ontario, Canada
“All of the instructors were very articulate and kept the sessions interesting. The instructors used visual aids and incorporated humour well into the course. I liked the interactive hands on learning, particularly role playing.“
Catherine Whiten, Bluestone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"It was excellent! Thoroughly enjoyable and I learned a great deal."
Cindy Stone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Good progression of skills, good mix of instruction and role play, extremely professional instructors."
Jim Walker, LGS Group Inc., London, Ontario, Canada
"I have gained a whole kit bag of tools to use every single day with the wide variety of conflicts I must resolve. Good combination of practice and theory. Comprehensive materials without being onerous. Skilled presenters."
Margo Langford, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"Professional. An excellent hands on and user friendly experience. The instructors did a great job. Their personal experience adds tremendous credibility to this process."
Brian Kinney, Nav Canada, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
"This is an excellent program for personal growth. I found it rewarding and an excellent value."
Jim Cutler, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
"The instructors are so steeped in experience, practical as well as academic, [that] they were able to impart the material in quantity and quality. This course was a positive experience, which I believe will truly benefit me now and in the future."
Richard Krelstein, Lexlee Enterprises Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada