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"A very well thought out, constructed and executed course. I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days in their entirety and feel as though I learned a lot. This course is very valuable and worth every penny. All three instructors were terrific; very articulate and inspiring. They allowed for good interaction which facilitated active learning."
Stephanie Saslove, Employee Relations Consultant, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This was the best course I’ve ever taken. Excellent value. Role plays were exceptional!”
Annette Gearing, Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I applied the techniques and focused on the preparation and it produced immediate results - successful resolutions."
Bruce Bellefeuille, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“You walk away having already practiced the theory. Great learning experience!”
Karen Lablans, Scotiabank, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Not attending this course would be detrimental to anyone’s career. Everyone can use this course information in any environment.”
John Winsor, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Great introduction into the multiple facets of ADR mediation. It was fun, entertaining, informative and engaging. Challenging, but not too daunting.”
Robert Dunnell, Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I attended many workshops during my 30 year career as a corporate banker and I have to admit that this one is at the top of my list. The workshop was professionally organized from beginning to end and in my opinion, every minute was effectively utilized. I can honestly say that I learned more in four days than I learned in my last course -- which lasted 10 weeks!"
Peter Cardillo, J. Peter Cardillo & Associates, Nepean, Ontario, Canada
“This was an excellent course in both mediation and negotiation, skills and theory. The role playing really got you thinking, and the course gave you a clear process for negotiating and mediating, which can be used in every aspect of life. The instructor was well prepared and provided relevant information - excellent job!”
Terry Greene, Business Development Bank of Canada, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
“An interactive and fun learning experience absolutely essential to anyone in a people management role. I wouldn’t change anything! The instructors were very effective and very helpful”
Danielle Germansky, Scotia Bank, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Intense learning with a good flow of information; I found that the facilitation was well paced. There was excellent material handed out daily in this course. I appreciated that the instructors were passionate about the content.”
Catalina Loo, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This has been a wonderful experience and both the instructors and the materials were presented well. The coaches were supportive and provided constructive and value-added feedback.”
Donna Cusciotta, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“All great – content, practice opportunity, variety. There was a great flow between different instructors – little or no transition, enough variety to keep energy level in room very high.”
Carol Elman, Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This is a first rate course. It's a perfect mix of theory and practice. It was interesting and fun and the time flew by. I came away with lots of information."
Lori Purdy, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Challenging from start to finish. Would recommend to others. Four days well spent. My head is still spinning! All had different challenges, made you think on your feet. Excellent! Totally expands the mind forcing you to think outside the box."
Helen Walker, TD Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The experience has been tremendous and beneficial. We have had a healthy glimpse into the various styles and use of techniques. Mediation and Negotiation Agreements are truly effective - I’m sold!"
Julia C. Schmidt, Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Coordinated like clockwork, excellent instructors, great cases, informative debriefs. Excellent -- very informative."
Sandy Kiaizadeh, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The instructors were very knowledgeable and kept everyone’s interest. [The workshop] will enhance my role within the human resources function and help me to look at things in a different light."
Frank MacNeil, Bank of Montreal, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
"Wonderful experience. Very creative and informative. The techniques taught in this course apply to all aspects of my daily life, not just to my work. Really challenges the traditional thought process."
Andrew Smith, Scotia Bank, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Gave me another option for handling/resolving disputes. I already see applications at work."
Dennis Morgan, Bank of Montreal, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"Fantastic instructors, great case studies. The training course was super! I learned more than I expected."
Monika Stilichova, Citibank Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The opportunity to take the learning from the first two workshops and apply it, while trying different approaches, was very beneficial. I am very comfortable with the process now. Very impressed with the coach by the manner in which she handled a difficult situation during one of our mediations. Exceptionally well organized. Thank you."
Heather P. Suma, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The course was very beneficial in that it gave me the foundation of negotiation. Having taken this course, I feel confident to tackle any negotiation."
Sandy Pullan, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent! The facilitators are excellent. They are first rate - very knowledgeable and comfortable with information and delivery."
Sue Simone, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent variety, reinforcement, practice, delivery. Good shift between theory and practice."
Barbara Trieloff, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“This was a very worthwhile four days. The course provided an effective approach to negotiation and mediation and shed light on the different processes involved. I really liked the emphasis on ‘principled negotiation.’ All of the instructors were expert facilitators and used visual aids very effectively. They are all excellent communicators.”
Warren Law, Canadian Bankers Association, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent discussions and good examples provided for role plays. Vibrant instructors, offering excellent examples to support their discussions.”
Lisa Fracassi, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Facilitators are very knowledgeable. The material flowed well and the role plays were interesting. All the instructors were very effective, knowledgeable, fun, and very good facilitators.”
Sandra Fitzgerald, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I thought the instructors were great. They kept it interesting and entertaining! The split between lecture and active participation was just right. I liked that we got to practice what we learned through role play exercises.”
Donna Valiquette, Canadian Bank Association, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Good pace ¬¬¬– never boring! Cases and role plays were uniformly excellent. Instructors were excellent, despite different styles, and because they are so comfortable with the material it was a source of comfort.”
Doug Melville, Credit Union Central of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The mediation portion of the course was excellent. The coaches and the debrief really helped. I can’t wait until the next course.”
Craig Peeling, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Excellent balance between classroom learning and practical application. I found huge value in the day-to-day application of these skills – to identify issues, concerns, feelings and options to better solve problems. Everyone can use this course for practical application in our daily lives, both at work and at home. All instructors were very good.”
Barry Mosiondz, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The case studies were conducive to maximum learning. The material and the case studies were all well laid out. I liked being able to put theory in to practice. The instructors were clear and kept on track.”
Catalina Loo, CIBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The course provided concrete examples of ADR and we were given numerous opportunities to use newly learned information during role plays exercises. The instructor was great – really knowledgeable and able to discuss topics with relevant examples.”
Paolino Rocca, Scotia Bank, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
“Thank you for letting me do mediation in French! I have learned a lot this week. Excellent instructor!”
Diane McKenzie, National Bank of Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
“Both the instructors and participants were professional, knowledgeable and helpful.”
Joan Noble, Nesbitt Burns, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I found this course to be very well paced and [to have] a good balance between lectures and role plays. The credibility of the instructors was very high, as they all had actually facilitated negotiations and mediations in the past – this was very good. I really liked the anecdotal stories from instructors, they helped to illustrate the lessons. I also liked having multiple facilitators.”
Cathy Hunt, TD Canada Trust, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“[The workshop] did fulfill my learning objective and I learned much more about myself and others. The facilitators were fantastic. I enjoyed meeting different people who took this workshop and seeing how they would apply this new material to their lives. The mediation demonstration and process that we learned were very well done and will be particularly useful.”
Julie Haddad, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“The instructors were knowledgeable and possessed expertise in the field of ADR. They were articulate and clear in their teaching. The instructors provided great tools, experiences, tips and lectures. The exercises were helpful and provided structure and guidelines for the new material we were learning. The workshop had good student participation and the role plays were very beneficial. It was a beneficial course and I appreciated the coaches feedback and tips on how they conduct mediations as well.”
Jo-Anne Proulx, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I loved the role playing and the instructors created a safe environment, which allowed you to feel relaxed and comfortable performing the roles. I found the presentations to be very interesting. The instructor was great and I loved the stories used to emphasize each point. I found it useful to hear feedback from the coaches because they all had differing opinions and styles, which reinforced the fact that there may be guidelines to follow, but it is important to develop what works best for you.”
Martha DuPlessis, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“All of the instructors know their roles and their knowledge level is incredible. I enjoyed the real life experiences that the team brings to the sessions - it is much appreciated.”
Donna Cusciotta, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada