Participant Comments - Accounting

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"Very informative, useful, relevant and effective. The role plays and debriefs helped to learn and understand the concepts and processes of principled negotiation. The instructors were excellent. They are very knowledgable and know their material and were able to facilitate the discussions effectively."
Jason Kwiatkowski, Accountant, BDO Dunwoody LLP, Toronto, Onario, Cananda
"Well run, well prepared. High caliber of teachers. Excellent means of teaching."
Allan Taitz, KPMG, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The workshop exceeded my expectations. The standard of instruction was excellent. The instructors were – without exception -– excellent presenters, thoroughly knowledgeable in their subject, friendly and helpful."
Carmel Or, CIBC Wood Gundy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Facilitators supportive, skilled; No ideas belittled or ignored; Debrief sessions extremely helpful."
Ralph Palumbo, Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I don’t have enough superlatives to describe the work and leadership that the instructors provided. What comes quickly to mind is a comprehensive field presented in a humorous, enthusiastic, simple manner that we could all understand."
Ernie Saveriano, Vice President of Finance, Olon Industries, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
"I have an aversion to rating anything as excellent but in truth the workshop qualifies as such. The leaders were a refreshing and continuing change in tempo, style and perspective."
Alan Shimmerman, Shimmerman Penn Burns Becker, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended – exciting. I learned a lot about the subject, about others and about myself. Excellent instructors: top notch, very courteous, very professional, very credible, very qualified. First rate job by all involved."
Brian Randle, BDO Dunwoody, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
"I can honestly say that this is the best (and most useful) course I have taken in recent memory."
Bruce Armstrong, Armstrong, Davidson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The course is excellent overall because it combines the following: an imparting of information through the lectures and discussions, practice in utilizing the information through the role plays, and insight into how other people perceive situations in the negotiation environment through the role-play discussions."
Gloria Fougere, G. Fougere & Associates Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Instructors were truly outstanding (prepared, informative, knowledgeable), excellent communicators."
Brian Reny, BDO Dunwoody, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
"I expected the content to be very good and I was not disappointed. As a professional educator, trainer and workshop presenter, my experience has been that the delivery is seldom congruent with the content. Boy, was I pleasurably surprised!"
Bruce Keele, Bruce Keele & Associates, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
"As a partner in a CA firm, I often find myself in the situation of negotiating or mediating. This course helped break down elements of the situation and hopefully will help [me to] handle them to a satisfying conclusion. The course gave framework to the process."
Steve Stein, BDO Dunwoody, Toronto, Ontario, Canada