What is ADR?

ADR processes provide practical and innovative ways to resolve disputes. Wherever people interact - the workplace, the family, school, the community - ADR has proven effective. Two of the core ADR processes are principled negotiation and interest-based mediation.

Principled Negotiation

We negotiate every day, both at work and at home. Few of us, however, negotiate as well as we would like. Principled Negotiation, developed at Harvard, is an approach to negotiating that allows you to look behind the positions at underlying interests and try to find a solution that is good for you, durable, and maintains relationships.


Interest-based mediation, or facilitated negotiation, is based on the theory of Principled Negotiation. In an interest-based mediation, a mediator assists disputing parties to negotiate. Mediation can also help parties re-establish trust and respect, and can help prevent unnecessary damage to relationships. Mediation can save time and reduce the financial and emotional costs of resolving a dispute.