Advanced Certificate in Workplace Coaching

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the new University of Windsor Law School Advanced Certificate in Workplace Coaching. We believe it is the first umbrella certificate program in Canada tailored specifically to the practical focus and demands of coaching in a workplace environment.

Complete the Advanced Certificate Program without quitting your day job.


  • only 15 days of in-class training
  • no exams and no essays
  • targeted to working professionals
  • Certificate from the University of Windsor Law School
  • training in class and online
  • learn advanced negotiation skills, dispute resolution skills, and how to deal with difficult people.

Learn how to:

  • Coach and mentor people effectively
  • Hone and add to your coaching skills, and build your confidence as a coach
  • Provide effective structured coaching
  • Manage and direct a coaching session
  • Help others deal better with conflict
  • Develop a coaching clientele'Help your coaching clients build greater capacity
  • Learn better ways to motivate your employees to enchance performance
  • Better explore and shift your client's perspectives in meaningful ways

Our unique approach


Experience has taught us that the best way for people to develop coaching skills is through practice and the development and use of good coaching tools, all of which we can provide.  Our workshops involve practice coaching, skills building exercises, thought-provoking discussions, small group exercises, lectures, demonstrations and videos.  Our training is focused, practical and immediately applicable.  We practise, lecture and research in the areas we teach.  Therefore, you get the most up to date and advanced training.




To complete the Advanced Certificate in Workplace Coaching, you need to complete the following courses with us:

Coaching for a Better Workplace Workshop - 3 days more intormation

Negotiation course (online) - 6 hours more information

Difficult Conversations course (online) - 4 hours more information

Dealing With Difficult People Workshop - 3 days more information

Coaching practicum - variable duration more information


And one of either