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Online Negotiation Course

Online negotiation course - The PrintShop The PrintShop

You'll try to sell Bill Gimel some valuable nature prints for the best price.

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Online Difficult Conversations Course

Online difficult conversations course - The Presumptuous Customer The Presumptuous Customer

You will play the role of a restaurant owner who must confront a public figure who has jumped the queue and seated himself without a reservation on an evening when you are booked solid.

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Negotiation games

Negotiation games - The Desperate Dad The Desperate Dad

In Episode 1 of Ambition series, you advise the police officer on the best way to difuse an explosive situation.

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Negotiation games - The Hitchhiker The Hitchhiker

In Episode 2 of Ambition series, you can advise either the wife or the husband in this marital dispute.

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Play more negotiation games.

Mediation game

Negotiation games - The Angry Neighbours The Angry Neighbours

Your two neighbours are in a nasty argument. Can you help them resolve it before things get out of control?

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